The Perfect Performance

Just as you remember it

In the world of performing arts everything rides on that perfect show. The talent is primed, the crew is steady, and the audience is loving every minute of it. Whether it is the main stage production of the year or the emerging artist making their way at a bar, performers know the show's legacy relies on luck, but your months of sweat and toil shouldn't have to. With a high definition recording your show won't end with a bad night, a small crowd, or sleepy matinee. It can live on and continue to impress and inspire.

Performance arts are meant to be seen LIVE, so we do our best to make the stage pop off the screen using the best techniques in the business. High Definition, Multiple Camera Angles, Close Up/Wide Shots, and crystal clear Audio brings you into the performance for a perfect encore. With flexible rates that cater to both center stage and small venues we make sure that everyone is able to take their experience home. It's so much better than a "Dad Cam".



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