Nicholas Van Buren

Multimedia Producer

Nicholas Van Buren is a Producer, Director, and Content Creator, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He defines himself as a technophile, futurist, and surveyor of storytelling across mediums.

Born into a family of music industry professionals, art and expression has been a part of his life since the beginning. With his chosen medium of film, Nicholas enjoys working with a variety of artists across spectrums and embracing the true power of collaborative art.

Van Buren is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in Film. Together with his cohort he has made over 20 short films and one feature.



With producing, my philosophy is to base every interaction on giving people a sense of value they can contribute to the project. Whether they are the location scout, the talent, the PA, or the financial backers, everyone needs to know that the energy they bring to the set matters, and in the end, will determine the success of the final product. All of that starts with the Producer. They set the precedent.




I have enjoyed worldbuilding since I was a kid. The games we would play on the playground infused themself with me, and I loved bringing my imagination to life at home. However I quickly learned that Filmmaking was different from other mediums. It is a truly collaborative artform. Film takes on so much more than its inception when directors take the time to listen to their cast and crew. While the Producer’s job is to maintain order, the Director’s job is to help inspire the team to be as invested as the project as he is. Bring 75% to the table and the team will bring you another 75%. You can always cut down to 100, hard to do the reverse.

Titles Directed:

Those Empty Years (2018)
Destruction (2017)
Boba (2017)
Northern Light (2017)
ROOTS: Homeless in Seattle (2017)
Hellscreen (2017)
The Royal Disease (2016)
Devil in the Wind (2016)


Color Grading

Color grading has quickly become one of my favorite aspects of filmmaking. There are few greater feelings than turning dull, muddy footage into something that looks like a real movie. Here's a brief walk through of my process.

1.) An example of my (condensed) workflow

2.) The "flat" footage, straight from the camera

3.) Color Correction. Notice there's still a lot of magenta in the highlights but I wasn't able to pull it out without sacrificing the skin tones, and it feels a bit like a home video, that means it's time for...

4.) Color Grade or LUTs. This is the style that is placed on the footage. Like Instagram's filters this can drastically enhance the mood of the shot, or add subtle nuance, but unlike a simple filter, these have to be catorered to a moving shot, which is why Color Graders get a job.

5.)This is the "parade" graph of the color spectrum in the "flat" shot

6.) This shows how the grade allows the video to show off its full range of color and dynamic range!


Live Event Recording


By their nature, live events are tricky for videographers. It takes an understanding of each event, set-up, and the potential pitfalls, and an execution with the smallest amount of error. You wouldn’t want to go through all that work and find out you missed a crucial moment.

All it takes to avoid this is a solid team of videographers, who care about making sure the event, whatever it is, is recorded the way people want to remember it. The highlights, the drama, and less of your drunk in-laws hitting on the bartender.